18 Bedside Water Carafes That Double as Decor



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While it’s not news that ample water intake is essential to our health, it’s easy to forget to drink water regularly throughout the day—especially when spending days at home. In the before times, when we were on-the-go, we had mobile hydration routines down pat. Countless companies had honed their reusable water bottle offerings to include self-cleaning options, collapsable iterations, and even designers got in on the game with bottles that doubled as stylish accessories from the likes of Prada, Thom Browne, and Collina Strada. Most everyone had a beloved bottle.

But now, on days spent at home, sipping from a cooling Swell bottle when you’re steps away from your kitchen feels a bit off. Our sedentary lives call for proper drinkware—glasses made of glass—as opposed to take-anywhere canteens. And it’s an eco-friendly experience that can be enhanced even more if your glass comes with a coordinating water carafe—a functional object that can easily double as decor. These sets can live anywhere but they especially come into use when placed on a nightstand. As bedside water carafes can also hold several glasses of water, it removes the barrier to entry that is walking to the kitchen for a refill. They’re a reminder to start and end your day with a glass of water, and can help even the least motivated to meet their hydration goals.

Here, a bevy of bedside water carafes that will enhance your decor while helping you stay healthy and hydrated at home.

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