20 Best Bedding Sets for 2021: Stylish Sheets, Pillows & Comforters to Stay Home & Sleep In


Welcome to Vogue’s very first Sleep Week, where we celebrate the glory of a good night’s rest. Over the next seven days, we’ll highlight our favorite sleep saviors—from pillows and bedding to night creams and pajamas. Read (and shop!) for the sweetest of dreams.

Getting a good night’s sleep in our current climate has become more challenging each day. While a better night’s sleep can’t be fully remedied by upgrading your sheets or blankets, the best bedding can provide an extra level of comfort that many of us need as the lines separating work from personal life have become increasingly blurred. According to the National Sleep Foundation, “using TVs, tablets, smartphones, laptops, or other electronic devices before bed delays your body’s internal clock (a.k.a., your circadian rhythm), suppresses the release of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin, and makes it more difficult to fall asleep.” How many of us are guiltily bringing work to bed, now more than ever? Perhaps it’s time we all take a moment to disconnect, and settle into sheets, quilts, and duvets that improve our at-home experience.

Below, 20 Vogue editors share their opinions on the best bedding. These are the pillows, blankets, shams, duvet covers and more that have made their nights better at home.

Madeline Fass, Market Editor

I had to get all new bedding this summer after a storage unit catastrophe—a new mattress, pillows, down comforter, bed frame, the works!—but I am so glad I did. During my chance for a bed do-over and bedding refresh, I opted for a white linen duvet cover and shams for a bit of soft fluffy texture and went for smooth percale sheets and pillow cases in Parachute’s off-white cream color. I love the slight difference in tones and materials, it adds a bit of dimension to my not quite-all white cloud. To top it off, I love this graphic checker print throw from Bien Mal for the foot of the bed.

8 years ago and can’t imagine sleeping on anything else! They are extremely soft and I love subtle color options that pair perfectly with other bedding and accent pillows.

under this throw is coziness defined.

and it completely transformed my shower/self-care experience because it is heavy enough to keep you warm post-shower but not too heavy that it weighs you down. Most recently I purchased one of their bedspreads and they are incredibly soft! Already plotting on purchasing more in the other colors!

, but I still find them hard to resist.

earlier this year, I like to think I’ve converted most of my friends and family. It’s the best-kept beauty secret: crease-less hair and smoother skin in the morning? Consider it a no brainer.

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