20 Ways to Shop and Support the AAPI Community


Anti-Asian violence continues to be an everyday reality for the Asian-American Pacific Islander community. According to Stop AAPI Hate, there have been more than 3,000 reported cases of anti-Asian violence and harassment since the pandemic began. This represents only a sliver of reality as many hate crimes often go unreported. After the deadly Atlanta shooting last month and the recent assault on a Filipino woman in Manhattan, many have galvanized and taken to the streets to protest the violence and stand in solidarity with the AAPI community, including several members of the fashion community. Designers Phillip Lim and Prabal Gurung have helped organize a Running for Protest event in New York City and have been using their platforms to advocate for real, tangible change against anti-Asian violence. Lim and Ruba Abu-Nimah’s initiative NY Tougher Than Ever is donating net proceeds of sales of their collection to the AAPI GoFundMe Community Fund, which supports grassroots AAPI organizations across the country. Jewelry label Kinn has committed to donating 15% of its proceeds to organizations like AAPI Women Lead and Stop AAPI Hate. Through your purchasing power, you can give back and help support the AAPI community while also championing small businesses. Below, a few ways to get involved.

Founded by designer Phillip Lim and creative director Ruba Abu-Nimah, NY Tougher Than Ever is an initiative founded on the basis of supporting underserved communities. Currently, 100% of its net proceeds go toward supporting the AAPI GoFundMe.

and Stop AAPI Hate.

. Currently, upon your first purchase, 10% of the proceeds can go toward a charity of your choice.

. Shop fanciful dresses and blouses to kickstart warmer days ahead.

, will have 50% of its proceeds benefit the AAPI Women Lead, Stop Asian Hate, and the Asian-American Legal Defense Fund.

tableware collection with 50% of its proceeds supporting #HateIsAVirus. Currently, 50% of the proceeds from their popular reBoard collection will be donated to Heart of Dinner, an organization that provides elderly Asian-Americans in NYC with hot meals.

for the true Vietnamese coffee experience.

, which is founded by Vietnamese sisters Vanessa and Kim Pham. Through their flavorful sauce kits, one can easily replicate a family-style Asian dish including lemongrass barbecue, Filipono sisig, and Thai larb.

most recently partnered with designer Phillip Lim to help organize the Running for Protest event in NYC and has continuously used his platform to advocate for the support, solidarity, and amplification of the AAPI community.

, often pushing the boundaries of what eyewear should look and feel like today. The avant-garde accessories brand has had a steady list of fashionable collaborations, including with Marine Serre. And if you find yourself at one of its boutiques, brace yourself for a truly immersive brick-and-mortar experience.

., the oldest store in Chinatown.

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