32 Gifts for Tea Lovers to Enjoy This Spring


Whether you’re just waking up or looking for a way to unwind in the evening, sipping on a glass of tea is always a treat. And the experience goes way beyond the brewed concoction. It’s the entire ceremony of it all—from listening to the rolling sound of the boiling water to the clink of the spoon against a teacup’s ceramic walls.

Sure, any old pot can get the job done, but a proper kettle, like a gooseneck spouted pour-over kettle from Kinto will ensure that the temperature is just right. Pair it with a hand-painted mug and you’ll feel as though you’ve been cast as an extra on Bridgerton. If you’re sharing the experience with others—perhaps a socially-distanced tea party is on your calendar—center a beautiful teapot and treats on a tiered-stand. We like the colorful ceramics from Soho Home and towering confections by Joy Macaroons. Should you want to take things to the next level, consider loose-leaf teas. Nothing says tea-connoisseur like an infuser filled with the exact, precise amount of tea.

Find those, and a few more gifts for tea lovers, below.


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