Sky Nations Reporter is an intelligent news exchange network with Asian roots from 1971 which provides the audience with the most up-to-date news 24/7 in blended format and creates the most complete picture of the day for its readers. 

It is a cradle for aspiring journalists and authors from diverse backgrounds to give themselves a best shot in media. Under the leadership programs at East West Publishers and Eastern News Agency, we will continue to support young entrepreneurs in growing economies. 

Today SNR comprises a news aggregator and an affiliate network, including federal-level resources, industry-specific websites and regional publications. We have a large number of international readers who have already opted for SNR.

Every day our team makes sure millions of people receive the latest national news publications. Thousands of companies choose us as their business partner. Yes, we dream of having robots and algorithms do all the work, but we cannot give up the pleasure of communicating with real humans. That is why SNR can safely be called a technological platform with a human heart. 

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