Addiction-Conscious Social Media Apps : BeTimeful


BeTimeful is a smart social media adblocker designed to reduce endless social media scrolling and distractions by simply removing the news feed. Ultimately, the app makes your social media less addictive so that users can “stay connected, not distracted.”

According to research, social media distraction causes between 1 – 2 hours of our time every day, and these distractions (even when ignored) reduce your IQ by 10 points on average. To combat this, BeTimeful was created. Upon installation, BeTimeful removes all distractions from the platforms, so you remain focused while using them.

After the seven-day free trial, users can subscribe to BeTimeful Annual (12 months) Pro membership for $59. The membership includes unlimited blocking of distracting social media websites, smart time limits, Google Calendar integration, auto discipline mode, and daily inspirational quotes.

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