Africa Elections 2022: All the upcoming votes


A regularly updated list and interactive map of the upcoming elections in Africa in 2022.

Last updated: 9 November 2022

How to use the map

This elections map shows you all the upcoming votes. Move around and click to find out more.

The colour tells you approximately when the election is:

  • Red – This month
  • Orange – Next month
  • Yellow – In two months
  • Green – Beyond that

The icon tells you who is up for election:

Upcoming Africa elections: A list

Here are the upcoming elections in list form. The exact dates are liable to change.

November 2022

  • 20 November: Equatorial Guinea – Presidential + House of Representatives + Senate + Local

December 2022

  • 17 December: Tunisia – Legislative

January 2023

Unconfirmed and beyond

  • 2022: Comoros – Island assemblies
  • July 2023: Somaliland – Presidential

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