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Google announced it is increasing investment into artificial intelligence-powered technologies, such as Google LaMDA, to augment its existing services. The company believes that the success of AI software, namely ChatGPT and its competitors, is a necessary step in the evolution of smart assistants, search engines, and more Google-owned services. Continuing from this, Google is working with its partners in the AI sector to debut 20 trial AI-powered services in 2023 alone.

One such service is currently known as ‘Apprentice Bard,’ an AI chat bot powered by Google LaMDA, or ‘Language Model for Dialogue Applications,’ which will function similarly to ChatGPT. This will not be the only service offered by the company, though, as it will aim to leverage AI in almost all of its products.

The SVP of Google Research, Jeff Dean, stated: “We’re excited by the transformational advances, many of which we’re applying to make Google products more helpful to billions of users — including Search, Assistant, Ads, Cloud, Gmail, Maps, YouTube, Workspace, Android, Pixel, Nest, and Translate. These latest advances are making their way into real user experiences that will dramatically change how we interact with computers.”

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