All-Electric Mining Vehicles – The Caterpillar 793 Electric …


The Caterpillar 793 Electric mining truck prototype was shown off by the brand as its first all-electric mining vehicle that showcases what’s to come within the near-future. The vehicle features a staggering 2,650-horsepower to ensure it’s ready to withstand the needs of the mining industry and is rated to support up to 265 US tons. The vehicle has a top speed of 37.3mph, and was tested by the company where it handled a 10% gradient for 0.62-miles at 7.5mph and then recouped some energy during a downhill run.

Resource Industries Group President Denise Johnson spoke on the Caterpillar 793 Electric mining truck prototype saying, “Our global team came together to develop this battery truck at an accelerated pace to help our customers meet their sustainability commitments. This demonstration is a significant milestone, and we are excited for these trucks to get to work at customers’ sites around the world in the near future.”

Image Credit: Caterpillar

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