Allergen-Free Vegan Fish Flavors : Maxavor® Fish YE


Royal DSM, the “purpose-led, science-based company active in nutrition, health, and sustainable living,” recently introduced the new Maxavor® Fish YE, a new vegan, 100% allergen-free flavor solution that meets the growing appetite for vegan fish flavors.

The Royal DSM Maxavor® Fish YE is derived from algal oil and replicates an authentic fish taste and mouthfeel. The new solution can be used in a variety of plant-based fish alternative applications as well as fish-based products. The new offering is available in various “fish varieties” including one for rich, dark fish and another for fresh, white fish.

Gilbert Verschelling, Director of Business Development & Innovation at DSM, commented on the launch, “The market for plant-based fish alternatives is showing exciting potential, and DSM is proud to be at the forefront of the industry as we introduce the innovative Maxavor® Fish YE flavor. Part of DSM’s broad portfolio of plant-based solutions and Maxavor® range of vegan flavors, this unique, algal oil-derived flavor will undoubtedly help our customers create great-tasting, label-friendly plant-based fish alternatives and fish-based products that meet diverse consumer preferences and that help combat overfishing in support of the UN Sustainable Development Goal 14 ‘Life Below Water.’”

Image Credit: Royal DSM

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