Bored mum, 50, spent lockdown writing erotic novel for ‘the average woman’

A middle aged mum-of-three bored after months of lockdown has scored a surprise hit after trying her hand at writing erotica.

Stephanie Oram, 50, has sold more than 1,000 copes of ‘Wax, Whips and My Hairy Bits’ and has won some acclaim by readers on Amazon.

Despite never having read any erotica before Stephanie set about writing an erotic novel involving “the average woman.”

She said she was scrolling through Facebook when she came across an excerpt from ’50 Shades of Grey’ but didn’t like it.

Stephanie, who lives in Blackpool, said: “I’m 50 years old, I should know better, really.

“When I read the snippet of 50 Shades on my newsfeed, I just thought – ew! That’s not what women are like. Do these women never snag their tights or chip a fingernail?

“I had literally just read that excerpt – I’ve never read erotic novels myself, it’s not a genre that I’ve ever indulged in. I’m more of a Stephen King girl.

Stephanie Oram with her mum Evelyn
(Image: Stephanie Oram / SWNS)

“I just had this whole scenario in my head after reading that one snippet. If someone slapped me on the arse with a horse whip, what would I do?

“If I’m honest with you, I’d probably turn around and punch them in the face.

“That’s where the idea started. I thought to myself, why don’t I write comedy for women based on a normal everyday woman and her attempts to emulate all the erotic goddesses she’d seen in these books?”

Stephanie’s saucy comedy, written under the name S J Carmine, is about Anne – a naïve, single woman in her 30s attempting to spice up her boring sex life.

After finding classic romances dull, Anne ends up reading erotic novels and decides to transform herself into the erotic goddesses in her books – with disastrous results.

Researching for her novel was quite the eye opening experience for mum-of-three Stephanie, who admits that her own naivety inspired elements of Anne’s character.

She said: “The classic female lead in an erotic novel is a million miles away from me and my main character Anne. I purposely made Anne a little bit naïve – I suppose a bit like myself.

Stephanie is now working on her sequels
(Image: Stephanie Oram / SWNS)

The book is published via Amazon
(Image: Stephanie Oram / SWNS)

“It was a real education for me! Just like Anne, I didn’t know about BDSM – it sounds just like the name of an American rock group to me.

“I read tiny snippets of erotica so I could get some reference for the book. I also chatted to friends – we’re all ladies of a certain age and some have got a lot more experience than me.

“I spent quite a lot of time on Urban Dictionary as well to pick up the terminology that I’ve used. It was definitely an eye opener.”

Whilst Stephanie’s own husband, Lindsay Oram, 51, hasn’t read his wife’s naughty book just yet, she does already have a number one fan – her elderly mother, Evelyn Hennerley, 83.

Stephanie has now sold more than a thousand copies of her book and positive comments have flooded in from women who said her writing offered them light relief from the stresses of lockdown life.

She said: “The feedback has been amazing. Lots of ladies said it had given them a laugh during lockdown and that it was just the tonic they needed.”

Thrilled by the responses, Stephanie has been inspired to write more books about Anne, and has just released a spin off called ‘Secrets, Lies and Bookclub Wives’.

She is in the midst of publishing two sequels to her first novel, titled ‘Shoes, The Blues and Erotic To-Dos’ and ‘Flamingos, Fears and Happy Tears’.

‘Wax, Whips and My Hairy Bits’ is available via Amazon.

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