Fluffy dog returns home from groomers ‘looking like a raw chicken’ after haircut fail

Being stuck in lockdown has meant Brits have been taking on the jobs they usually leave to the professionals and giving it a go themselves.

Dog owners have been forced to face up to giving their shaggy pets a haircut with the groomers shutting up shop for months on end – with some very questionable results.

So when one dad took his little white dog for a professional trim he would have been confident she was in safe hands – but may have regretted telling the staff to “shave off as much as they could”.

It might have seemed like a cost-effective way to maximise the time needed between visits, but people have been left convinced he didn’t come home with the same animal when a shocking video of the result was shared on TikTok.

She doesn’t quite look like this anymore
(Image: TikTok)
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User @Tigerlil_y posted a video with the caption: ‘I promise it’s the same dog’, writing: “Dad took dog to the groomers and told them to shave off as much as they could.”

It then shows a photo of the fluffy pet beforehand, sat smiling at the camera covered in cute white fur, before moving on to how it looks now.

The after picture shows the poor dog looking rather worse for wear, almost completely bald with her little ears now exposed to elements and a facial expression hinting that she’s really seen some things.

There are no words
(Image: TikTok)

In a follow up video, the owner plays the dog the clip of itself that went viral, showing her hair beginning to grow back but still looking less-than-impressed with her new-found fame.

The original video has been viewed almost five million times and gained thousands of comments as one said: “They gave you back a raw chicken.”


A third replied: “Dog’s like ‘oh boy, it’s drafty in here huh?'”

Others argued it couldn’t the same dog in the two photos, pointing out the difference in the ears, but viewers replied to say the weight of the hair often pushes the ears down on some dogs.

Someone else added: “Please I would have charged that groomer for the trauma.”

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