Australian E-Scooter Startups : benzina


‘Benzina’ is a new no-compromises electric scooter startup in Australia. The company announced its first retail-ready collection, appropriately titled the ‘Benzina Zero.’ This collection includes five separate Benzina e-scooter models: ‘City,’ ‘Duo,’ ‘Duo+,’ ‘Sport,’ and ‘Cargo.’ As the range of names implies, each model suits a different range of purposes.

The City is an affordable, traditional model with a 27mph maximum speed and a 50-mile range. From here, the models increase in both range and speed in ascending order with the Duo boasting a top speed of 27mph and a 60-mile range, and the all-powerful Sport achieving a 50mph top speed and an 80-mile range.

The Cargo model is unique in its design, as it features a small roof and an expansive amount of cargo space. This e-scooter is slightly modular with mountable racks on the rear and top sides of the vehicle.

Image Credit: Benzina

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