Bad Bunny Had the Best Accessory of the Night: a Sunflower


Photo: Getty Images

Bad Bunny (née Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio) might be the most tender of entertainers, at least with his clothing choices. The Puerto Rican musician, who is known for his melodic gruffness, was nominated for a Grammy for Best Latino Album for YHLQMDLG and for Best Pop Duo for “Un Dia.” For the occasion, he showed up on the red carpet tonight in a full Ricardo Tisci Burberry look, save for an adorable sunflower straight from Mother Earth. Along with the sprouted accessory, he wore a hat that had itty-bitty ears of its own, along with tights and combat boots.

Bad Bunny’s fully bloomed sunflower has managed to make my heart swell. The blossom has the type of fairytale brightness that appears on a package of seeds. The sunflower also seems right in step with Bad Bunny’s style, who has long made oddball sartorial choices that are both precious and savvy. We’ve seen him in overalls with no shirt and teeny shorts that go well above the knee. Each of these looks has a fun, childlike flair to them and strategically offsets his fantastically grumbling and baritone voice. And as for this bud that Benito brought with him onto the red carpet of a mostly virtual Grammys? It offers up a bit of hope, a little optimism. It’s also, ahem, perennially chic.

Photo: Getty Images

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