Baftas 2021: Britain’s big film awards night – live! | Film



Next Rising Star introduction now. It’s time for Bukky Bakray from Rocks, who is also nominated for Leading Actress. If nothing else, she has appears to have matched her soft furnishing to the artwork in her room. Clearly we are in the presence of an artistic mastermind here.

The award for Outstanding British Film has ten nominees, so they’re introducing five now and five later. Between Promising Young Woman and The Dig, they could probably just Fed-Ex the statue to Carey Mulligan now and be done with it, but it’s good to respect the process.

Now comes Best Adapted Screenplay, presented by a very glitchy Anna Kendrik (thirsty).

SOUL WINS. Dana Murphy accepts the awards from a nice room with a big window and a piano. She thanks everyone and that’s it. That’s the one big plus of virtual awards shows: you don’t have to watch each winner wobble up to the stage and feign surprise when they win. Announce the winner, quick pre-filmed speech, out again. Bang bang bang. This whole thing could be over by half seven if all goes well.

And now the first award of the year. Let’s see how the hell this is going to work.

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