Balanced Office Facilities – Bo LKV Works with Air-Purifyin…


Teknos, an innovative Finish paint brand with roots dating back to 1948, made a massive splash in the contemporary interior design world earlier this year with its range of air-purifying paints. This capsule is called Biora Air. The innovation works to efficiently absorb and neutralize aldehyde pollutants. This, in turn, improves air quality in indoor spaces.

Teknos’ air-purifying paints were recently utilized in the new office facilities of Finish real estate agency Bo LKV. The new space is located in Helsinki’s Kruununhaka neighborhood which is known “for its community spirit and active lifestyle culture.” The firm hoped to reap the functional and wellness-boosting benefits of Teknos’ innovation but the company also wanted to promote balanced, harmonious, and comforting workspaces for its employees. Bo LKB felt that the matte finish of the air-purifying paints contributed to this desired ambiance.

Image Credit: Juuso Soininen

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