Banana-Based Sneakers : H&M x Good News


The H&M x Good News collaboration is a unisex collection of footwear for the spring that shares styles made with plant-based fabric Bananatex. Sneakers from the collection feature upper portions made from Bananatex, a material developed by Swiss bag brand Qwstion, a Taiwanese yarn specialist and a weaving partner based in Taipei, Taiwan. The durable material is waterproof and it comes from banana plants and an ecosystem that needs no pesticides, fertilizer or extra water.

The shoes also integrate other sustainable materials like recycled cotton, as well as recycled rubber soles. According to Good News co-founder Nia Jones, “It was important for us to make the collection as sustainable as possible while still looking fun and cool.” With this collaboration, Bananatex will get a boost in terms of its ecological and social reach.

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