Banksy-style street art found appearing to point towards end of Covid lockdown


A suspected Banksy artwork seeming to point to the end of lockdown has been spotted in Bristol.

The street mural was discovered at the entrance to a tunnel on a lane in the city.

While the famed artist has not claimed the work as one of his questions have been raised over whether or not it is the Bristolian’s handiwork.

An image was sent to Bristol Live by a member of the public who had not noticed it there before and it remains unclear how long the street art has been at the Station Lane location.

The artwork depicts a girl from behind running away, alongside the text ‘There is light at the end of the tunnel’.

It has not been claimed on the official Banksy website or social media but is similar to the renowned artist’s signature style.

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A man holds a sign reading Banksy
Banksy has not claimed the artwork as one of his

It comes after another Banksy artwork which appeared on the side of a house just before it was sold was removed after a crane arrived at the site.

The ‘Aachoo’ mural was painted on the home on the famously steep Vale Street in Bristol in December.

It depicts a woman in a headscarf sneezing and her dentures flying into the air.

It was located on one of the steepest streets in the UK and when viewed with the road level, looked as if the woman’s sneeze was blowing the houses over.

The mural drew regular visitors since Banksy spray-painted it in December and confirmed it was his shortly afterwards on Instagram.

The full piece of graffiti which appears to have been done with a stencil

The sale of the house went through but its new owners immediately placed scaffolding around it.

Banksy also took to social media to claim responsibility for a mural which appeared overnight on the walls of a Victorian jail where Oscar Wilde was famously held.

The painting, which depicts a prisoner attempting to escape over the wall with a typewriter in his hand, was etched onto the side of HMP Reading.

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