Barbie-Inspired Coaster Sets : Barbie-inspired coaster set


Barbie™ and Dragon Glasswarear—a brand that specializes in modern drinkware and home decor—have collaborated to bring this striking Barbie-inspired coaster set to consumers. This set is ideal for Millennial hosts and/or hostesses that are feeling a bit nostalgic for their childhood.

The Barbie™ x Dragon Glassware® Coasters Set features ” iconic Barbie™ colors and patterns” that are unmistakable for long and short-term fans. Each unit is made of ultra-premium and lead-free crystal glass and features a “stunning pink diamond design.”

Aside from being eye-catching, the Barbie-inspired coaster set is also functional as it will protect your furniture from pesky water stains. To prioritize organization in the household, the brands have also included a stylish holder to gather the coasters when they are not in use.

Image Credit: Barbie™ x Dragon Glassware®

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