Beloved Character-Themed Shoes : sanrio capsule


Dr. Martens recently announced the new Sanrio capsule, featuring the beloved Japanese characters. The new series brings the two brands together, marking their third partnership. This time around, the duo shine a spotlight on many other characters of the franchise.

Fans see My Melody!, Bad Badtz-Maru, and Kerokerokeroppi. Hello Kitty first launched in Japan in the 70s, showcased as a simple graphic found on a purse. Since then, she has grown to become one of Sanrio’s most iconic character. The latest collaboration between the duo features the Jadon boot, the 1461 silhouette, and the signature 1460 boot. Some details include the red bow graphic, vibrant stitching at the upper, heart-shaped eyelets, heart key chain, and matching pop eyelets.

Image Credit: Dr. Martens

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