Biodegradable Medical Materials : biodegradable medical


Earlier this year, Global Wholehealth Partners Corp. signed an agreement with CEO Charles Strongo for the right to sell and manufacture biodegradable medical materials—a very important move given the current context. This entails that the company will be championing biodegradable plastics for all cassettes, midstream, urine cups, and other testing devices.

This move toward sustainable production is important globally and industry-wide. In a press release, Global Wholehealth Partners Corp. acknowledges this, sharing that it “understands the growth needed in the in-vitro diagnostic segment and the need for more rapid tests, and at the same time understands that we all need to GO GREEN.” Luckily, Charles Strongo was able to create a proper mix of plant-based materials which is 100% biodegradable and can have practical use in the context of medical testing devices.

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