‘Boris Johnson rules with the sleazy indifference of a medieval monarch’ – Kevin Magu…


Ruling with the sleazy indifference of a medieval monarch, the grubby Prime Minister who as a boy wanted to be “world king” will eventually be toppled by incompetence and arrogance.

Boris Johnson’s aloofness is why he believes the little people “don’t give a moneys” when billionaires call his private number to jump, he replies how high?

Two-in-every-five people judging him corrupt and seven-in-10 concluding it’s unacceptable the rich have a hotline are why he’s wrong and an 11% vaccine bounce over Labour will erode.

Take folk for granted and they’ll take revenge eventually, so lavish, dodgy spending on the Downing Street flat is poisonous by an egotist who looks after number one.

Dominic Cummings is largely distrusted after his Barnard Castle eye-sight test drive yet his testimony against an old friend and Brexit ally next month to MPs could be devastating.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Dominic Cumming
Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Dominic Cummings are now at war

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Claims Johnson didn’t give a monkeys about a resurgent virus, ignoring scientific advice by crudely resisting a lockdown to stem a second Covid wave deadlier than the first, illustrates the appalling judgement and reckless behaviour of a bad PM.

Johnson deviously calculated how to hide a secret debt to tycoons buying his wallpaper as expendable ordinary folk lost jobs, incomes, health and lives is Nero fiddling while Rome burned.

The PM finding time to, we’re informed, bend the ears of editors of Tory newspapers was unintentionally telling as Classic Dom was blamed for leaks revealing Johnson’s errand for a Saudi head-chopper, vacuum billionaire James Dyson’s tax fix and the expensive flat makeover.

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Shooting the messenger confirms, firstly, Johnson’s fretting and, secondly, the truth of the scandals regardless of Cummings’ denial he was the snout.

Desperation to avoid sacking a suspected “chatty rat”, Henry Newman, a friend of his betrothed, to avoid an angry backlash from Carrie Symonds, chimes with multiple accounts of her considerable influence.

US President Harry S Truman declared “the buck stops here” to accept responsibility.

The medieval monarch who devoted his life to avoiding responsibility will discover the peasants do give a monkeys when they’re treated with contempt.

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