Boris Johnson’s finances in full – from 157k salary to income before becoming PM


As Prime Minister, Boris Johnson is entitled to live in a Downing Street flat, rent free. In recent years, Prime Ministers have typically chosen the flat above Number 11 – which is larger than the one above Number 10. Mr Johnson has followed this trend.

While rent-free, the PM has to pay a tax liability of about £7,000 a year for electricity, heating and maintenance. And he pays a council tax bill of £1,665 a year for the four bedroom, central London property.

He pays for his own food, even if it’s prepared by the Downing Street kitchen.

And it was revealed in March that he’d spent around £12,500 on gourmet food and luxury ready meals, prepared by a personal chef and delivered to Downing Street by an organic farm shop.

Mr Johnson is also entitled to stay rent-free at Chequers, his official country residence in Buckinghamshire.

Downing Street
The PM lives in the flat above Number 11
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The Register of Interests reveals Mr Johnson owns a 20% stake in a property in Somerset and a 50% stake in a home in London.

Between them, they generate a rental income of at least £10,000 – the threshold at which MPs are required to declare them.


Mr Johnson is entitled to a salary of up to £79,936 – but this year he claimed £75,440.

But that’s on top of his salary as an MP, which is £81,932.

So his combined income from being Prime Minister amounts to £157,372.

Mr Johnson declared a further £23,514 in royalty payments from publishers for books he has written.

Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson used to write newspaper columns too

His income before becoming Prime Minister

Boris Johnson ’s most widely known former source of income was as a columnist for the Daily Telegraph.

Between July 2018 and July 2019 he declared £22,916.66 a month by the newspaper for just 10 hours work – amounting to more than £250,000 a year.

The same year he raked in a further £5,426 by writing columns for various newspapers and magazines, including the Spectator, the Washington Post and the Daily Mail.

And Mr Johnson has enjoyed a very lucrative career as a public speaker.

Between November 2018 and July 2019, Mr Johnson was paid more than £450,000 for speaking engagements around the world – including one to an Indian media firm which netted him almost £123,000.

Altogether, in the year to July 2019, it’s estimated Mr Johnson netted almost £855,000 from his MP’s salary, book royalties, newspaper columns and speeches.

The website Celebrity Net Worth has estimated Mr Johnson’s personal wealth to be £2.9million, as of March 2021.

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