Celebrity Chef Pasta Products – These New David Rocco Produc…


These new David Rocco products have been created by the Canadian celebrity chef to offer consumers with an easy way to craft restaurant-quality dishes from the comfort of home.

The products include several Italian-made pasta and sauces, which are all crafted with authentic recipes to give them a high-quality flavor, but are also easy enough to prepare quickly. The products include the Fusilli Pugliesi, Strozzapreti and Orecchiette pastas alongside the Arrabbiata, Ricotta & Pecorino, Puttanesca and Pomodoro & Basilico pasta sauces. Shoppers can find the products at a range of retailers in the Canadian market including at Metro, Loblaws, Zehrs, Longo’s Proviso, Vale-mart, Real Atlantic Superstore and more.

Rocco commented on the new David Rocco products saying, “Inspired by ‘restaurant meal kits’ that increased in popularity over the pandemic, my family encouraged me to find a way to create that unmistakable Italian taste and experience it in our very own kitchens with the ease and quality of a restaurant meal, but at a fraction of the cost. The goal of producing this line was to create the same experience as when you travel to Italy and have your first meal at a trattoria…”

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