Chocolatey Citrus Milk Drinks : Choc-Orange Yazoo


The Choc-Orange Yazoo drink is one of the latest flavor options from FrieslandCampina that is sure to entice avid dessert fans with a penchant for chocolatey refreshments with an unexpected twist. The drink features the brand’s signature chocolate milk that has been paired with notes of orange citrus that offer existing fans with a new option to try and something to entice curious shoppers. The drink will arrive in stores starting at the end of March 2021.

Brand Manager at Yazoo Nick Higgs explained the new Choc-Orange Yazoo drink further saying that, “Brits have been enjoying Yazoo for over 30 years, so we know we’re getting something right. We want to continue delighting consumers with taste-driven, refreshing milk drinks that also offer greater choice, variety and excitement to shoppers. Our market research identified chocolate orange as a trendy, future flavour – 32% of consumers wanted to see the variant on shelves – so we listened. We’re sure that shoppers will love the merge of citrus and chocolate, it’s such a classic combination that will bring nostalgia and fun to flavoured milk in a way like never before.”

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