Chocolaty Açaí Smoothies : Chocolate Dipped Açaí smoothie


Juice It Up! is no stranger to using açaí in its delicious drinks, and now the chain has expanded its use of the nutrient-dense fruit by adding its to two unique new smoothies: the Chocolate Dipped Açaí smoothie and the Açaí Berry smoothie.

Both the Chocolate Dipped Açaí smoothie and the Açaí Berry smoothie are available from participating Juice It Up! locations now through June 2021. The Chocolate Dipped Açaí smoothie is made up of a creamy blend of Sambazon organic açaí, soy milk, ripe bananas, and chocolate. Best of all, this chocolaty smoothie boasts nine grams of protein.

As for the Açaí Berry smoothie, this smoothie is refreshingly fruity thanks to a blend of Sambazon organic açaí, fresh strawberries, and tart blueberries. The result is a tasty drink that’s packed with fiber and vitamin C.

As Juice It Up!’s President and CEO Susan Taylor explains, “While these two new açaí-based smoothies taste quite indulgent, they are also fueling your body with some seriously good-for-you nutrients.”

Image Credit: Juice It Up!

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