Co-Viewing Metaverse Events : Bakugan Battle Planet


Entertainment giant Spin Master Corp. has announced that its anime adventure franchise Bakugan will be debuting all-new metaverse expereinces on Roblox, a leading online gaming platform and world creation simulator.

Set to be released on August 5, the new experience will enable Roblox users to watch episodes of Bakugan Battle Planet on-demand while playing Roblox. As a result, Roblox players will be able to participate in a unique co-viewing experience that is unlike anything else currently on the market.

“Last year, we introduced another dimension of Bakugan storytelling, bringing together millions of fans with the first ever premiere of a full-length episode on Roblox,” said Laura Henderson, Spin Master’s EVP, Marketing. “Today, we are doubling down in the metaverse, delivering Bakugan to its global fanbase and Roblox’s massive audience in another authentic, first-of-its-kind immersive experience.”

Image Credit: Spin Master

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