Cocoa Fruit Chocolate Bars : incoa


Incoa is a brand-new 70% dark chocolate bar from Nestlé that’s free from refined sugar and naturally sweetened with cocoa pulp. The bar made exclusively with cocoa fruit sets itself apart as a product that’s naturally sweetened with cocoa pulp, which also helps to reduce food waste. Typically, only a portion of the pulp is used in the fermentation of cocoa beans after they’re harvested and this natural approach to incorporating it into chocolate bars helps to make the most of this usable material.

Many companies are exploring side-streams to create new ingredients and products that can be used to support a circular economy. As Nestlé notes, “Chocolatiers are beginning to understand more about how to bring out the flavors of this magical fruit whilst farmers and manufacturers are becoming aware that 31% of the pod can be used versus 22% now.”

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