Colorful Emotion-Evoking Decor Series – H&M Home and…


H&M Home and PANTONE work in collaboration to launch a new collection full of stylish interior decor that is inspired by how colors are able to play a role in altering moods and bringing inspiration to one’s lifestyle. To match the emotionally evoking feelings, the capsule splits itself into two palettes — Calm & Soothing and Energy & Joy.

Blue is described by H&M Home as reminiscent of open spaces, the sky, and the sea, associating itself with freedom and calmness. Red brings more passion and heat, bringing a sense of courage. Calm & Soothing in this case includes “PANTONE’s Pistachio (2260C), Petrol (548C), green (5545C), and Mid Blue (2178C).” Energy & Joy is captured by the company’s “pink (707C), red (3517C), orange (2027C), and apricot (2022C).”

Image Credit: H&M

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