Condiment-Inspired Ice Creams : So Cute Ice Cream


Ketchup and mustard are classic condiments that people expect to encounter at food fairs but perhaps not in the way So Cute Ice Cream is bringing them to The CNE this summer. Wacky food fair is always on the menu and at the 2022 edition of the Canadian National Exhibition, people will get to experience “battle of the condiments in soft serve form” with ketchup- and mustard-flavored ice cream.

The condiment-inspired ice cream promises to be a sweet, savory and fun way to experience other favorite fair foods, such as pretzels and fries. These colorful, photo-worthy ice creams are ready to be enjoyed on their own or for the even more adventurous, swirled together. Complete with color-coordinated sprinkles, these ice cream treats promise to make the experience of this year’s CNE unforgettable.

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