Councillor sparks outrage by dressing up as a woman in protest at ‘male curfew’


A councillor has been suspended after he dressed up as a woman and posted pictures on social media in protest against a proposed male curfew.

Mark Deacon uploaded an image of himself in a pink dress and long black wig – vowing to dress like that if the restriction was to be imposed.

A Green Party peer last week suggested a 6pm curfew for men in the wake of the alleged murder of Sarah Everard.

Baroness Jenny Jones said she “just doesn’t think that men understand the pressure that women are under” and called for women-only space after dark.

A fierce debate about women’s safety at night has been sparked by the tragic death of Sarah, 33.

Hundreds of women attended a vigil on Clapham Common over the weekend, with the Metropolitan Police heavily criticised after some mourners were pictured being handcuffed and dragged away.

Now the Conservative councillor for Plymouth and Devon has issued an apology after his suspension, report PlymouthLive.

His initial post read: “If the Green Party and some Labour party politicians get their way and impose this ridiculous 6pm curfew on men, then I’m going to wear my dress more often.”

But it didn’t go down well with locals and with many online.

Twitter user @Miss_Eastgate_ shared a screenshot of Cllr Deacon’s original tweet, saying: “Plymouth City Council, really?

“Mark Deacon, you should be ashamed of yourself. Couldn’t delete this fast enough, it seems. “

Baroness Jenny Jones during the debate in the House of Lords
Baroness Jenny Jones says the streets should be women-only after 6pm

The Conservative Party has confirmed that Cllr Deacon’ has been suspended with immediate effect.

Labour parliamentary candidate for Plymouth Moor View Charlotte Holloway was appalled by Cllr Deacon’s post.

She said on Facebook: “This morning I have emailed Conservative Cllr for Southway Mark Deacon asking him to urgently delete and apologise for his comments last night.

Vigils were held for Sarah Everard following her alleged murder last week

“I’m so sorry to the female Southway residents who have been the victims of violence who would have to wake up to this individual’s lack of decency.”

Cllr Deacon has since removed the post and issued an apology for “any upset he may have caused.”

He said: “I wholeheartedly apologise for the comments that I made on a post this Saturday afternoon.

“I didn’t intend any offence that my comments might have caused to a section of the public.”

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