Cracking the Leisure Code : cracking the leisure code


Trend Hunter covers The Psychological Drivers of Leisure and Cracking the Leisure Code in a four-part module on the platform’s YouTube channel. This iteration of the Innovation eLearning series begins by outlining statistics on leisure time, such as how the average American spends 5.4 hours a day on their phone and rates of loneliness have doubled in the last 50 years. These statistics lead to the conclusion that consumers are isolated and overstimulated in their leisure time.

Taking these psychological elements into account, the module jumps into the three pillars of cracking the leisure code: Catalyzation, Tribalism, and Multisensation. The Catalyzation segment of the video covers the consumer desire for self-improvement, citing examples such as the trend of sober curiosity and the Low-ABV Brew insight report, which shows how alcohol brands are adapting to the increasing number of sober consumers.

The Tribalism pillar showcases the importance of community-building and connectedness through examples such as the Anti-Loneliness insight report, which covers products and services designed to foster connections and networking, providing streamlined solutions to reduce loneliness over time.

For more information on The Psychological Drivers of Leisure, check out Trend Hunter’s Free 2023 Trend Report.

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