Cream-to-Powder Deodorants : natural cream deodorant


Aurelia created a natural cream deodorant that has a transformative cream-to-powder formula that’s effective for keeping underarms dry, fresh and lightly scented. The aluminum-free Citrus Botanical Cream Deodorant is suitable for all skin types and thanks to its consistency, it can be applied with the fingertips.

The formula combines potent plant-based botanical ingredients like antimicrobial arrowroot, nourishing shea butter and pure Kaolin clay, plus the aromatic essences of mandarin, sweet orange, grapefruit, lavender and rosemary for an uplifting experience. Unlike some deodorant products that rely on hardeners or waves to maintain their consistency, this one boasts a clean and simple formula that’s nourishing and intentionally avoids questionable additions. The product appeals to those who are seeking a natural alternative to antiperspirants that block and alter sweat ducts.

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