Dad in £1,750 airport hotel quarantine slams ‘scandalous’ small meal portions


A man having to quarantine in a hotel has slammed his stay as a “disgrace” as he claimed he was served a frozen chicken sandwich and small portions.

Chris Wood, 36, has been staying at the Hilton Edinburgh Airport since he tried entering the UK from his work trip to Angola, southern Africa.

Under UK guidelines, anyone coming from areas deemed at high risk must quarantine in a hotel for 10 days and pay £1,750 to the government.

The cost covers both accommodation and all the required Covid tests.

But Chris claimed the service he’s been getting isn’t worth all the hefty bill he’s had to cough up for the 11-day stay.

Chris, from Aberdeen, said it’s been a “kick in the teeth” from the day his quarantine started on March 12.

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The Scottish dad claimed the meals are so small they wouldn’t gratify his four-year-old son

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While on the second day of his stay, he claimed he was served a chicken sandwich which was frozen and when he complained was given another with a dead insect on a lettuce leaf.

The dad described roast beef on his Sunday dinner as “the width of a cigarette paper”.

On Tuesday night, he said he was “shocked” by the “scandalous” size of chilli con carne and rice he was served and said it would barely be enough to feed his four year-old son.

He said: “Since being in the hotel it’s been nothing short of a disgrace.

“The food served and lack of instructions given has been horrendous.

A chicken sandwich he received was 'frozen'
A chicken sandwich he received was frozen, he claimed

He was given a replacement but said there was a dead insect on the lettuce

“What’s annoying us most is that we are paying £1,750 each for this and this is what we are getting.

“All of the people coming into this hotel quarantine for work.

“They are not coming here by choice.

“We are trying to earn a living and the government states we have to do this.

“When we go away we are tested before we go, and we are tested at the airport after we arrive in the country and tested before we come back.

“We have just worked for two months and we come back to this before going home.

The 36-year-old claims he’s spent £130 on takeaway due to meals being so unsatisfying

“It’s an absolute kick in the teeth.”

He claimed laundry was returned having been shrunk in the wash and said he did not know it was government guidelines for it to be washed at 60 degrees.

Chris said: “If I knew they would be washed at 60 degrees, I would not have sent them down.”

He said he’s had to fork out £130 on takeaways on top of all the money he’s already spent to isolate.

He added: “I’m not expecting five-star food, just better quality than what we’ve been receiving.

One of the meals served by The Hampton by Hilton Edinburgh Airport
One of the meals served by The Hampton by Hilton Edinburgh Airport

“Not all the dinners have been bad, but we paid £1,750 which is about £175 a night and I wouldn’t have paid £50 a night for this.”

The dad also claimed that instead of getting the 50 minutes outside, he is only given 10 – the time of 70 steps “from one side to the other”.

He added: “I totally agree with keeping people safe and if we have to quarantine that’s fine, but it feels like we’re paying for the governments mistakes.

chicken wrap
Chris said the service isn’t worth all he is paying

“The government have a lot to answer for, we’re men coming back from our work and it’s like we’re being treated like prisoners.

A spokesman for Hampton by Hilton Edinburgh Airport told the Mirror: “The wellbeing of our guests and team members is our highest priority.

“We are committed to supporting worldwide efforts to reduce Covid-19 transmission and are following Government guidance on the specific measures needed to protect quarantine travellers, avoid cross contamination and minimise contact.

“We have worked hard to balance these crucial safety measures with providing those having to isolate with the best possible experience.

“We have discussed the concerns raised by the guest and are taking steps to ensure the remainder of his stay is as comfortable as possible.”

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