Dad Style: 8 Fashion Lessons Vogue Editors Learned From Their Father Figures


A lot of trendy moments in fashion have been inspired by the ugly-cool ways that dads have been thought to dress. There was the dad sneaker—chunky, bulky, retro—and of course, the dad baseball cap hat. But there are also a handful of other ways to channel dad style like the t-shirt tuck with belted trousers, a pair of light wash denim, a calf-height athletic sock, and, of course, the carefree, colorful vacation shirt. While you can certainly pick up a few dad-like styling hacks from the fashion world, you could also go straight to the source and emulate the wardrobe of your own Father—he’s where it all started, after all.

Ahead of the Father’s Day holiday, we asked a handful of editors to recount the fashion experiences and memories of their Fathers. It turns out, there’s much more to their style than the goofy sneakers (sorry, Dad) and nerdy fanny packs. It’s true that father figures can teach us many wonderful life lessons, but these Dads even know a thing or two about how to get dressed.

Chioma Nnadi, Editor

My dad only ever wore suits when I was growing up, even when he wasn’t at his office job! To add a little extra length in the leg, he’d pair his suits with snazzy Cuban heels. I always thought they were kind of ridiculous when I was a kid—I mean, who in their right mind wears uncomfortable hard-bottom shoes on the weekend!? But now I realize that elements of his late 1970s styling have found their way into my own wardrobe. Case in point: I recently bought a pair of men’s heels from Gucci (I have huge feet so I often find myself buying men’s shoes though it turns out they make the style for women, too) that are basically a fun take on the ones my dad would wear. The words “ice” and “lolly” come embedded across the back of each two-inch heel. I know he’d love them.

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