Deep Fried Macaroni Bites : Mac & Cheese Bites


Jack in the Box is well known for dishes that will satisfy the munchies and its new Mac & Cheese Bites are no exception.

Jack in the Box recently expanded its side dish menu with the debut of new Mac & Cheese Bites. Just as the name suggests, this new dish consists of creamy mac and cheese coated in a rich batter and deep-fried until crispy. Each portion of mac and cheese is deliciously packaged in bite-sized pieces, which makes them perfect for snacking. The new side dish is available in a Mini option that includes six Mac & Cheese Bites and a buttermilk ranch dip cup, or a Mega Munchies size with 12 Mac & Cheese Bites and two buttermilk ranch dip cups.

Image Credit: Jack in the Box

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