Digital Fashion Magazines : Issued by Bottege Veneta


In January, Italian fashion house Bottega Veneta left all social media platforms but it is exploring new ways of connecting with its community through a quarterly digital magazine called Issued by Bottega Veneta. The digital journal shares not just editorial shoots but also videos that help to tell the story of the brand and its products.

At a time when many brands are doubling down on social media to make sure they can reach their target audience during a pandemic, Bottega Veneta took a different approach to connecting with its audience and collaborators.

The first issue features a new music video for Missy Elliott’s 1999 Hot Boyz, where the artist can be seen dressed head-to-toe by the brand. There’s also a series of black and white GIFs by photographer Danielle Neu and more content to discover in a unique way.

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