Dominnico Madrid Fall 2021 Ready-to-Wear Collection


“I wanted to bring Dominnico’s essence to the street,” Domingo Rodríguez Lázaro shared on the phone. Best known for celebrity fans like Rosalía, Lady Gaga, and Rita Ora, the designer is now focused on extending his brand’s spirit to as many people as possible. “Creating striking designs is great, but I wanted to dig into the brand’s archive to create more accessible pieces. We have included denim for the first time and we have collaborated with Spanish brand Suritt and jewelry designer Mateo Gargallo to develop both a bag collection and an elevated fashion jewelry line,” he explained.

But even if sweatsuits and jeans are now part of the Dominnico picture, there is still space for the designer’s usual fantasy. “We have upcycled pieces from some of our previous work. A yellow fur coat from our first collection is now a jacket and skirt set, and every leather or fur detail you can spot is coming from deadstock,” he said.

It’s not just affordability that makes this collection more accessible. Said Lázaro: “All the designs are genderless. We didn’t use pleats, and there is no such thing as a female and male piece. Which is also why the casting is so diverse. This is a collection for everybody and every body.” In fact, bodies play a starring role here. “We collaborated with artist Unai Lafuente, who created these prints that emulate human muscles, even though if you look closer, you will realize they are actually not muscles but auto parts,” the designer said. “Motor aesthetics are a big part of the collection. We even created this pearl-embellished motorcycle helmet for our bride.”

There are a wide range of collaborators behind Omega, the name Lázaro gave the collection in reference to younger generations. Along with Gargallo’s and Lafuente’s work, artist Elliot Manresa has created the hentai-inspired prints present on sweatshirts and pants, while the visual creative Favela is the mind behind the whole presentation. “I knew I needed to tell a story. Develop its characters and its environment. That is something the runway can’t offer. We wanted our own space,” Lázaro said. It definitely looks like he has finally found it.

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