Drinkable Olive Oil : living Elixir


Living Elixir is the new product offering of US start-up Saint Supply. This launch is bound to catch one’s eye not only in the packaging aesthetic department but also in its function. The recipe boasts organic olives that are hand-picked “from ancient groves lying in altitudes over 2,000 feet” in southern Greece. Envisioned to ensure “total body resilience with a daily serving of vitality” and “inspired by ancient rituals,” Living Elixir is for drinking—not for cooking or dipping as olive oil is traditionally used.

Consumers are encouraged to enjoy a daily tablespoon of Living Elixir, alongside their self-care practices in order to reap the full benefits of the plant-based Superphenols. These are identified as “naturally occurring compounds that safeguard against common health problems, as well as certain effects of aging.”

Image Credit: Saint Supply

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