Educational Programmable Robot – DJI's 'RoboMaster…


DJI’s ‘RoboMaster S1’ is a robot with omni-directional wheels, a live-streaming video camera, 46 programmable components, and a pellet-firing turret for more action-based fun. The robot is designed to inspire young people to find interest and pursue careers in STEM, and provides users with educational information about science, math, physics, programming, and more. The robot supports Scratch and Python programming languages for new and experienced coders, and the wide array of customizable components allow students to explore and learn about potential uses for the bot.

Additionally, the robot offers low-latency HD FPV, multiple battle modes, and intelligent sensing armor. Interested parties can visit DJI’s website to purchase the ‘RoboMaster S1’ and any additional accessories required.

Image Credit: DJI

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