Elderly couple left dangling in truck 100ft over canyon after plunging off bridge


An elderly couple who were left dangling 100 feet over a bridge after a crash were saved by emergency crews in a dramatic rescue.

Terrifying images reveal the predicament the two occupants faced after their truck went off a bridge over the deep canyon of the Malad Gorge, US.

Idaho State Troopers were the first to respond to the crash that turned into a heroic rescue effort involving numerous groups to save the stranded pair.

Detailing the incident in a post on Facebook police said the vehicle was only held aloft after the crash by a safety chain that had been connected to a trailer.

Officers said on Tuesday at 2.42pm an Idaho State Police Trooper drove to the scene of the crash that had just unfolded on Interstate 84.

According to witnesses, the driver of the pickup, a 2004 F-350 towing a 30-foot camp trailer, had lost control.

An image of the dangling vehicle as rescuers try to rescue those trapped
A large team of rescuers had to pull the occupants to safety

The truck and camper had swerved hitting the right shoulder barrier, before sliding on the left side guardrail. It then tipped over the bridge.

Only the safety chain attached kept the truck from falling into the deep Malad Gorge which is about 100 feet below the bridge.

The Trooper was able to call to the two people inside the vehicle, who responded and said they were alert and not seriously injured.

Soon after, a Gooding County Sheriff’s Deputy arrived on scene and the Trooper and Deputy were able to get an additional set of chains from a semi-truck driver, attach them to the dangling pick up, and provide additional strength to hold the pickup until rescue crews could arrive.

An image of the dangling vehicle
The deep canyon is about 100 feet deep

Emergency services on the scene
Both occupants were taken to hospital with non life threatening injuries

Police said that a full team of emergency responders then arrived on scene and a Special Operations Rescue Team were able to rappel down to the dangling truck and attach a harness to the two people inside.

The driver of the pickup was a 67-year-old man from Garden City, Idaho and his passenger was a 64-year-old woman, also from Garden City.

Both were transported to a Magic Valley hospital with what were described as ‘non-life-threatening injuries.’

Two small dogs were also in the pickup and rescuers were able to get the dogs to safety as well.

An image of the dangling vehicle as rescuers try to rescue those trapped
Officers called the joint rescue ‘a tremendous team effort’

“This was a tremendous team effort that took a quick response and really showed the dedication and training of our community of first responders,” said Capt. David Neth of the Idaho State Police.

“This is something we train and prepare for, but when it happens and people’s lives literally hang in the balance, it takes everyone working together, and then some.”

“I am just so proud of our team. It shows what all agencies including Magic Valley Paramedics Special Operations Rescue Team (SORT), Air St. Luke’s and St. Luke’s Magic Valley Paramedics can do working together,” said Chad Smith, Field Supervisor for Magic Valley Paramedics SORT and Flight Paramedic for Air St. Luke’s.

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