Enhanced TV Streaming Features : HBO Max 2


Streaming service HBO Max has officially rolled out a new range of features for its desktop, Android, iOS, and Amazon Fire apps, all of which are aimed at improving user experiences and addressing recurring user complaints. As a result, the app has been fundamentally restructured, arriving as a more cohesive and performance-focused tech stack.

Specific updates to HBO Max mobile and desktop apps include a new shuffle feature (similar to Netflix’s), a dedicated area for downloaded content, improved tablet support, an upgraded screen reader experience, split-screen functionalities, Chromecast stability improvements, all-new visual designs, and overall improved navigation, which is aimed at making maneuvering through the app a more intuitive experience. One standout feature, however, is the introduction of SharePlay, which will enable users to co-view shows and movies while on a Facetime call.

Image Credit: HBO Max

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