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This contrived, nasty and uninteresting horror-thriller is a waste of its star Eddie Marsan. He plays Jarvis Dolan, a late-night radio presenter of lefty views, sort of like James O’Brien, with a bit of Piers Morgan’s provocation. His career is in crisis, having only just survived a kidnapping from a shadowy group of Brexity rightwing extremists. The station’s oleaginous boss Norman (a cameo from Anthony Head) insists that Jarvis now lightens the broadcasting mood by getting reunited with his old double-act partner, Andrew Wilde (played by Peaky Blinders’ Paul Anderson), a boozy, jokey wild man that Jarvis can’t stand these days. But hardly have they got together for their first show than they are attacked by terrifying masked individuals who lock them in the studio, forcing them to stay on the air, because they are obsessed with a certain something in Jarvis and Andrew’s past.

All the buildup turns out to be tiringly irrelevant to the attack itself, which revolves around an event from 10 years ago, in circumstances that don’t seem at all convincing for people who are supposed to be late-night radio presenters, not rock stars. The movie is supposed to deliver claustrophobic tension and thrills, a little like Assault on Precinct 13, perhaps.

But there is a weird lack of plausible plot involvement, and also a disconcerting amount of implausible plot development. Who would have thought that a radio studio actually had a sort of trapdoor in the side leading to possible escape from the building? And then there are flourishes of horrible violence that don’t mesh with the rest of the film. You might find yourself tuning out.

Feedback is released on 26 March on digital platforms.

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