Fermented Adaptogen Supplements : adaptogen supplements


Ancient Nutrition is introducing an innovative line of adaptogen supplements that distinguish themselves as the first USDA Certified Organic, Once Daily caplets on the market made with mushroom fruit body extracts to optimize absorption and efficacy. The line of Fermented Herbs and Organic Mushrooms have the potential to appeal to those who are looking for solutions for adapting to stress and bolstering immune system support. Ancient Nutrition co-founder Dr. Josh Axe describes says that mushrooms “act as sponges and absorb everything around them (including toxins.)”

In the lineup, there’s the Ancient Nutrition Multi Mushroom, as well as specific varieties that spotlight functional mushrooms like lion’s mane or turkey tail. There’s also an expansive range of new Fermented Herbs for candida and leaky gut, as well as support for the brain and mood, joints and mobility, sleep and much more.

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