Filson x Danner Trail 2650 Mid Boots


The Filson x Danner Trail 2650 Mid Boots are the latest collaboration between the two brands that will offer avid explorers with a way to easily brave almost any conditions. The boots are named after the Pacific Crest Trail that runs 2,650 miles and are constructed with a Vibram 460 outsole that boasts self-adapting lugs to ensure optimal stability. The boots are paired with a GORE-TEX liner across the entire interior along with a Danner Trailguard TPU shank in the sole and an EXO heel counter.

The Filson x Danner Trail 2650 Mid Boots weigh in at 28-ounces and have an 8mm heel-to-drop to ensure to ensure that wearers can stave off fatigue when spending extended periods on their favorite trail.

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