Flatpack Furniture Tool Lamps : IKEA Allen key lamp


This IKEA Allen key lamp has been designed by Gelchop as a quirky illuminator that draws inspiration from the namesake tool from the flatpack furniture brand. The lamp has a hexagonal shape that’s elongated and makes the industrial tool more applicable for placement in a modern living space. The light is made with anodized aluminum and easily position against a wall or on its side to suit preferences.

Gelchop Co-Founder Ryota Morikawa spoke on the IKEA Allen key lamp saying, “The design is lightweight and easily portable. The Allen key symbolizes the essence of IKEA, but it’s rarely at the center of attention. As a tool that is used to assemble furniture, the Allen wrench has a small, insignificant existence. But I have changed it into a larger item that is different from its everyday size.”

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