Flushable Pregnancy Tests : Biodegradable Pregnancy Test


Having received its Food and Drug Administration approval, Lia Diagnostics finally announced that its innovatively sustainable biodegradable pregnancy test is now available to consumers. The product itself is made “from the same plant fibers used in most toilet papers.” Unlike other tests, Lia’s does not contain any plastic or glass. Determined as “over 99% accurate” and “ultra-discreet,” the flushable test w

Lia Diagnostics received funding for its innovation back in 2017, eventually receiving backing from Dreamit, Robin Hood Ventures, and Ben Franklin Technology Partners. This points to the growing industry consciousness of sustainability and the interest in biodegradable materials that won’t make consumers “choose between privacy, accuracy or mother nature,” as founder Bethany Edwards shared in an email announcement about the launch of the product. According to the company “this is the first time in 30 years that the pregnancy test has seen major innovation.”

Image Credit: Lia Diagnostics

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