Fruity Lychee Lemonades : Blackberry Lychee Lemonade


With spring on the horizon, Shake Shack has just announced the debut of three sweet new lemonades: Mango Passionade, Strawberry Salted Limeade, and Blackberry Lychee Lemonade.

Available now through June 30, 2021, Shake Shack’s new lemonades are a refreshing way to celebrate the start of spring. First up is the Mango Passionade drink, which combines Shack-made lemonade, with real mango and passionfruit. Next is the Strawberry Salted Limeade, which takes the same Shack-made lemonade, but adds real strawberries and salted lime zest. Finally, there’s the Blackberry Lychee Lemonade, which mixes Shack-made lemonade with real blackberries and lychee. All of the new drinks can be ordered as full lemonades or as Fifty/Fifty – half organic iced tea.

Image Credit: Shake Shack

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