Girl who claimed boy, 10, fathered her baby becomes TikTok star making £5k a month – …


A girl who claimed a 10-year-old boy fathered her baby has become a TikTok and Instagram star earning almost £5,000 a month – far more than her parents.

Darya Sudnishnikova, who was 13 when she became pregnant with her daughter, is back in her classroom but claims teachers are giving her low marks because they do not approve of her social media fame.

Last year, she claimed her boyfriend Ivan, still in primary school, had made her pregnant, but experts said this was impossible since he was pre-pubescent.

Darya, now 14, posted pictures and videos to her one million fans on social media to show she is back at school after a period of online learning due to the pandemic.

She had asked to have a year off following the birth of her seven-month-old daughter Emilia – or Milya – but her school told her to come back sooner, contrary to reports that she had been expelled or forced out of the classroom.

Darya Sudnishnikova, 14, cradles her daughter Emilia
Social media star Darya Sudnishnikova, 14, cradles her daughter Emilia

“It was all decided for me that I had to complete my school,” she said.

A video shows her getting a top mark – 5 – and also a 4.

But she said teachers do not approve of her social media career and her early pregnancy, saying: “Teachers started giving me lower grades and sometimes don’t give me good grades at all.”

“I tried to explain to them that I will just come back for the next year,” she said.

“But no, I wasn’t allowed. No-one gives a **** about my problems.”

Boasting at her online earnings of almost £5,000 a month from promoting products to her followers, she said: “Now I have more money than ever.

Darya Sudnishnikova with her daughter Emilia
Darya earns more than most people in her town in Russia

“I can afford absolutely everything for myself and my child.”

She earns around 12 times the average adult monthly salary in her region, and far more than her mother and stepfather combined, making her the main breadwinner in the family.

“Frequent shopping, going to beauty salons and cafes, for a girl who could not afford even an extra bar of chocolate, is everything she could dream of,” said one report.

Darya hit back at one troll: “I carried this child for nine months. I went through 16 hours of contractions and gave birth.

Darya Sudnishnikova at school
Darya has posted photos after returning to school

“I can now afford absolutely anything for my child. She now has more than I ever did.

“I make more money than your parents put together.

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“Because of my 500,000 roubles a month, my child will not be in need.

“So what do you say now?”

She also posted: “I have just realised that when I was ten my mum was still bathing me.

“And when Vanya (Ivan) was ten he was having sex.”

Her only gripe is that her love life has not been good since she split with Ivan, now 11.

Her recent long-distance relationship with a boy called Maksim also failed, she said.

“Maksim found a new woman,” she told her followers on TikTok and Instagram.

“And I’m alone again. As always, actually.

Darya Sudnishnikova poses for a social media photo
Darya says she earns almost £5,000 a month through her social media posts

“As the saying goes, who needs a woman with a trailer?”

Emilia is becoming more of a handful, she said.

“Only recently she was lying down and now she is learning to crawl, and growing so fast,” she said.

Darya – from closed nuclear town Zheleznogorsk in Siberia – also told how she more than doubled in weight when she was pregnant.

She went from 46kg to 101kg, she said.

“I began to notice thick thighs in the mirror, my hands became soft and greasy,” she posted.

“Immediately after pregnancy, I lost 20kg, but the weight remained at 75kg, this is my maximum weight.

“For me, a person who has always been slim, it was just awful.”

Now, thanks to “good nutrition” she is back to 46kg, she said.

“I eliminated everything harmful from my life,” she said, although she still appears with chocolate and fizzy drinks in her posts.

“I look the way I wanted to look without putting in much effort, just eating right.

“For three months, a certified nutritionist helped me with nutrition.

“I kept myself in control every day and got used to eating correctly.”

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