Gourmet Meatless Hot Dogs : gourmet meatless hot dog


Nathan’s Famous teamed up with mission-driven plant-based food company Meatless Farm to create the industry’s first gourmet meatless hot dog. The recipe features a secret recipe that’s over 100 years old, plus clean and simple plant-based ingredients.

To introduce the gourmet plant-based hot dog to the world, select Nathan’s Famous restaurants are giving away one free Nathan’s Meatless Farm hot dog to all customers who want to try it for a limited time. “As plant-based menu items continue to grow in popularity, we are excited to launch the first-ever gourmet, plant-based hot dog, a product created not just for our flexitarian, vegetarian, and vegan customers, but all who enjoy a healthier diet,” says James Walker, Senior Vice President. Knowing that many people are looking for meals that help to protect their health and the planet, many brands are expanding their meatless offerings.

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